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Our Legacy of Impact

With a history spanning over a century, Big Brothers Big Sisters has been a steadfast provider of resources and opportunities for young people, guiding them toward their greatest potential.

This journey is made possible by the enduring support of volunteers, donors, and advocates who have dedicated over a century to making a difference in the lives of the youth we serve.

The Birth of Big Brothers Movement

Ernest Coulter, a young New York City court clerk, noticed an increasing number of boys in his courtroom. Recognizing the impact of caring adults, he sought volunteers, marking the beginning of the Big Brothers movement.

Around the same time, the Ladies of Charity group befriended girls in the New York Children’s Court, evolving into Catholic Big Sisters. Both groups operated independently.

Unification of Forces

Overtime, the groups evolved to become Big Brothers Association and Big Sisters International. In 1977 they officially forming Big Brothers Big Sisters of America.

Local Initiative in Monmouth County

Curtis Colby, a Monmouth County resident, began mentoring Joey, recognizing the positive impact. He established Big Brothers Big Sisters of Monmouth County.

Expanding into Middlesex County

Recognizing the need to expand, the agency gained approval to serve youth in Middlesex County, officially becoming Big Brothers Big Sisters of Monmouth & Middlesex Counties.

Coastal & Northern New Jersey Expansion

Expanding further to Bergen, Hunterdon, Morris, Ocean, Passaic, Somerset, Sussex, and Warren counties, the agency became Big Brothers Big Sisters of Coastal & Northern New Jersey (BBBSCNNJ).

our agency today

Empowering Youth Across 
10 Counties

BBBSCNNJ stands as a beacon of support, offering one-to-one mentoring and empowerment programs across 10 counties.

Bergen County
Hunterdon County
Middlesex County
Monmouth County
Morris County
Ocean County
Passaic County
Somerset County
Sussex County
Warren County
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By fostering quality mentoring relationships, BBBSCNNJ strives to nurture children into competent and confident community members. We hold ourselves accountable for each child in our program, ensuring they achieve higher aspirations, greater confidence, better relationships, educational success, and make positive choices for themselves and others.

Avoidance of Risky Behaviors
Educational Success


reported having a special/important adult in their life


our commitment

We go beyond matchmaking

We are committed to providing a holistic approach to serving the family unit by providing ongoing support and supervision to the Big, the Little, and the parent or guardian. We offer training and guidance to ensure child safety and healthy relationship development.

We comply with the national standard of Big Brothers Big Sisters of America.

unlocking potential with One-to-one mentoring

Research shows being matched one-to-one with a mentor makes a lasting impact on a child’s life.

A Big Brothers Big Sisters’ match is carefully supported by a professional case management team. We strive for matches that are not only safe and well suited to each child’s needs but also built to last. The entire matching process, from the initial screening to the final pairing—and beyond—is made possible by the financial support of our community.