It Might Start As Charity, but it becomes something BIG.

The Commitment

Mentoring a child only takes a few hours a month, and the experience will enrich your life. There are no special skills required to be a trusted friend, just 4-6 hours a month, for a minimum of 1 year. Our experienced staff will be with you along the way and provide continual support.


Be a Big Brother

As a Big Brother, you will be the positive role model so many at-promise boys in our community need. Help give a child the confidence he needs to reach his fullest potential in life.

Boys make up the largest percentage of children that are waiting for a mentor. We know there are a lot of good male role models ready to make a difference in the life of a child. It is vital to the healthy development of a boy to have a positive male influence in his life. Without it, his perception of behaviors and expectations is formed by less positive peer influences.

Be a Big Sister

As a Big Sister, you can offer your Little Sister a positive perspective that she can learn from and rely on. Be the example she needs.

Girls are as susceptible as boys to making bad decisions when faced with peer pressure. A Big Sister is the influence they need to help them make healthy decisions and grow into confident, successful young women.

Be a Big Couple

As a Big Couple, you can work together to help a child reach their highest potential. Partnering as supportive role models will not only give your Little skills to work toward a brighter future but will also give you a joyful experience.

Boys make up the largest percentage of Littles in our programs that are waiting for a mentor. A couples match is a good way to bring positive role models to those boys on our waiting list.

Couples bring the advantage of having two perspectives, approaches, and strengths to the mentoring process. Working together, we know you can make a BIG difference.

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