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be a big

Igniting Potential

Become a Big Brother or Big Sister

Discover the transformative impact of mentoring, letting young individuals know they have support, significance, and building their confidence. Join the mentoring movement with Big Brothers Big Sisters and inspire a local child.


Age: Bigs must be 19 years or older.

Valid Driver's License and Insurance.

Commitment: Long-term volunteer experience 
 (minimum one year, but most friendships extend far beyond).

Initiate contact with your Little and their parent or guardian consistently to schedule activities.

Spend quality time with your Little for 4-6 hours per month.

Maintain regular communication with your dedicated BBBSCNNJ Case Manager.

Step 1

Chat with a BBBSCNNJ Case Manager about the commitment and if it’s a fit for you.

Step 2
SUBMIT Application

Complete and submit your volunteer application.

step 3
Complete Interview

Complete an interview with a BBBSCNNJ Case Manager.

step 4
Attend Training

Join a virtual mentor training session.

step 5
Get Matched!

Once you’re accepted, BBBS staff will work to find the best Little for you.

take the first step to inspire potential

Volunteer inquiry

What You Give and What You Get as a Big


In our Community Based Mentoring program, we invite volunteers (Bigs) to dedicate 4-6 hours a month to spend time with their mentee (Little) for at least one year. Being a Big in our program requires no special skills, and our experienced staff ensures continuous support throughout the entire Match.

Discover the profound and mutual benefits that mentoring brings, as shared through countless stories from our Bigs & Littles. Our Bigs frequently express an enhanced sense of confidence, positively shifted perspectives, and genuine fulfillment derived from giving back to their Little and their community.


How often do Bigs and Littles get together?

Bigs and Littles spend approximately 2-4 hours, twice per month together each month based on each other’s schedules.

What support is provided to our match?

Once you are matched with your Little, you will be assigned a professional BBBSCNNJ Case Manager who will be in regular contact with you to provide assistance and ongoing support. Anytime you are unsure about what to do or how to handle a situation, your Case Manager is there to assist. They can help you brainstorm activity ideas, provide guidance for handling difficult or sensitive situations, and will share feedback to help guide you on your mentoring journey.

Do the parents and children want to be in the program?

Parents that enroll their children in the BBBS program are a key partner. They see the benefits of introducing another caring adult role model in the life of their child. We often hear from parents and guardians that introducing a Big into their child’s life has not only changed their child’s life but it’s impacted the entire family unit. BBBSCNNJ will only enroll children who want and need a mentor and whose parents specifically want them to be in the program, so 100% of the children enrolled are ready and excited about being matched.

How will I be matched with a child?

Our enrollment process is designed to not only ensure the safety of our youth, but also to help us select the right Bigs & Littles for each Match. We get to know you first, so our Case Managers can properly match you with a child based on personalities, interests, life experiences, preferences, and location. We take this process seriously and aim for compatible matches that will last a lifetime!

What do I do with my Little?

You and your Little decide and their parent or guardian will approve. Activities are up to each Big & Little to schedule and participate in on their own time. We recommend free or low-cost activities. Common activities include going to get pizza, playing catch, attending a sporting event or concert, going for a hike, visiting a park or beach, crafts, attending community events, board games, or sharing a meal. Bring your Little on activities you were already planning to do. Keep it simple and focus on getting to know each other. BBBSCNNJ also hosts a variety of activities and parties that Bigs and Littles are invited to through our CARES Program.

Do Bigs receive any training or guidance once we’re matched?

Yes, Step 4 in our enrollment process is to attend our Volunteer Training which is required for all Bigs. During the training session BBBSCNNJ staff will walk you through situational scenarios to help prepare you for your mentorship with your Little. In addition, your Case Manager will be with you every step of the way to offer customized support as your Match progresses. We also partner with several organizations that provide workshops and trainings that are beneficial to all parties.

How long can a match last?

We ask for a minimum commitment of one year for each Big & Little Match. That is often not the end, though — many of our friendships last well beyond that.

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