Mentor of the Month: Fiona Kraft – June 2018

BBBSMMC   |   July 11, 2018

Throughout the years, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Monmouth and Middlesex Counties has supported and watched relationships between a Big and Little flourish in many ways. Each month BBBSMMC honors a Big and Little match that has truly defined the values of the organization

Karla was 10 years old when her Big Sister Fiona entered her life. Their friendship began with an excursion on the swan boats in Asbury Park and soon after, Fiona introduced Karla to her favorite hobby, which was bike riding around the Manasquan Reservoir.

During their two year match, they covered many miles on bikes but also shared times at Jenkinson’s Aquarium, spent time going to the movies movies, attending BBBSMMC events and ice skating. Recently, Fiona moved away and is unable to get together with Karla on a regular basis. Although their match had to close, we know their friendship has had an impact on each other’s lives.

Fiona expressed her gratitude for the program and her time with her Little Sister in a note to her Case Manager, Belsa:

“I had a great experience being a mentor to my Little Karla. She was a shy ten year old kid when we embarked on our mission. I call it a mission as we both had no clue what we were up against… I mean that in a good and funny way, of course! Over the past two years I’ve watched Karla slowly develop into a more confident version of herself. She is a smart, funny, and very determined girl. She is not a quitter! Proving it to me by riding 5 miles around the Manasquan reservoir in the summer. She conquered a lot!! Karla has touched my heart and life!! Many thanks to BBBS for this. I am forever grateful for the opportunity you gave me, thanks again for trusting in me.”

Several children are still waiting to be matched in our program. If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a Big, please visit for the full application.