The Call to Mentorship is Ringing…

BBBSMMC   |   July 9, 2018

A call for mentors has been ringing and, in recent years, has grown louder and with more urgency. The critical importance that mentorship plays on societal welfare, as well as the tangible impact it has on a child’s life is understood, yet there is an ever-increasing deficit of individuals who answer the call. During an emergency it is critical to point to someone directly and tell them to call for help, lest the responsibility diffuse throughout a crowd.

The call to mentorship is ringing, and it’s time for you to answer.

Answering this call is serious—there is an ever-growing list of children, especially boys, with no positive role model at risk of not utilizing, or even understanding their limitless potential. Two to four hours. Twice a month. Playing ball. Shooting hoops. Going bowling. Getting ice cream. Playing mini golf. Having fun.

Mentorship, in practice, is fun. It’s about building a bond while enjoying a common interest. Mentorship, in result, is profound. It’s about helping a child facing adversity, and showing them a world of possibility just by being there for them and helping them understand all the world can offer and all that they can offer the world.

Answering the call to mentorship not only changes the life of a Little Brother or Little Sister. Time and again, the feedback we hear from our Bigs is how life-changing and eye-opening the mentoring experience has been for them. On top of helping a Little make the most of their childhood, a Big is transported back to the magic of their own. On top of showing a Little new things about the world, a Big gets a glimpse of the world from a different lens. On top of teaching a Little about all of the possibilities open to them, a Big learns to appreciate the possibilities the world continues to provide them.

Mentorship comes with many rewards, but the most profound reward is knowing that the small amount of time (4-6 hours a month!) you commit to your Little changes their life for the better, forever. Over the course of the year, these hours add up, and transform into a bond that a child will treasure for the rest of their life. Knowing that someone is there for them is all it takes. After 1 year of being mentored, here is a snapshot of what our Littles achieved…

80% of Littles had improved/maintained his/her grades in school

85% of Littles believe that they will go to and graduate from college

100% of our high school senior Littles graduated high school

80% of Littles feel confident in his/her social acceptance

95% of Littles avoid risky behaviors

The phone has been ringing for far too long, it’s time for YOU to answer the call.